Cheese Pizza NYC

Supertaster technique for a year in the 5 boroughs


I am a supertaster. Yes, there are people out there with super powers. While I generally would not say that this power is something I love, quite the opposite, it does prove very useful at times. I taste the little stuff. A discerning palate I suppose some would say.

I also LOVE pizza. The top three best pies in my life are clearly defined so far. Grimaldi’s in January 2005 (before it had gone too far astray). A place in Fargo, North Dakota in May 2005 (random, I know). And a small place off of St. Marks Square in Venice in June 2009. Very little food makes me truly happy.

I’ve done a good deal of research to find the best slices or pies in the city. Hope these simple reviews are useful to you.

Want to see where I’ve been on a map? Check out the site below:


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