Cheese Pizza NYC

Supertaster technique for a year in the 5 boroughs

Slice Out Hunger Event


Not long ago, I went to a fantastic event. Slice Out Hunger was an event to raise money for the Food Bank of New York to provide groceries for people who are struggling to make it. 43 of the best pizzerias in New York donated pizzas. Some people lined up around the block 3 1/2 hours early. People who didn’t get there early or on time didn’t get any pizza. We bought tickets ($1 a pop) and got a slice of pizza, bottle of soda or bag of cookies per ticket. Most people bought extra tickets- it was for charity! AND the money was doubled by an anonymous donor!  After speaking to the 4 people in line in front of me, I made a list of which places to visit. I bought a whole bunch of pizza and labeled it. When I got home I wrapped them up and labeled them again. Over the next few meals I reheated them in my confection oven and rated them.


Because the slices were not eaten on location, the next few posts will be labeled with the pizzeria name followed by (reheated). Take that into account. Most of these places were not on my original list, but were highly recommended. Enjoy!



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